We like to make ballplayers happy

 Upcoming events (if covid 19 situation allows it) : 

December 19th. Flanders Winter games : U12/U14/U16/U19 only girls  (Zwevezele)

December 20th. Flanders Winter Games : U10/U12 (mixed) and U18/U21 boys (Zwevezele)

December 26th. Flanders Winter Games U16 boys (Leuven)

December 27th. Flanders Winter Games U14 (Leuven)

April 5th 2021 : Evergems basketfestival : U8 (4/4), U10, U12

May 29-30th 2021 : Belgian Coast Challenge Koksijde U10 (5/5)/U12/U14

August 21/22nd 2021 : Flanders Classic Cup : U12/U14/U16/U18/U21 boys and girls

​Flanders Basketball Events

Youth Basketball tournaments



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Mercurius U12 on the Belgian Coast Challenge Koksijde May 21/22/2016



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